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Pregnant belly

 The Foundation of My Work

His Image Births was established on the truth that God is the creator, founder, and greatest expert on reproduction. If the Lord said it, Jesus has already finished it and Holy Spirit will do it. Genesis 1:28 states, God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it." His Image Births exists to help your family access the God-given blessing the Lord has already declared over all of humanity. His Image Births provides trauma focused Christian-based & secular conception coaching, prenatal & postpartum coaching, birth partner coaching, birth education, prenatal bonding, birth meditation, tailored pregnancy & delivery supportive exercises, and lactation support. Good births are intentional not accidental.

Unleasing God's
Power in Reproduction

My Philosophy

Pregnancy was designed by God to be many months of an exciting celebration and preparation for new life.  Birth is the grand finale of this event that concludes with the ultimate reward that can ever be given to mankind.  This reward is the indescribable joy of finally gazing into the face and eyes of your baby and caressing your child in your loving arms.  


Unfortunately, the road of conception, pregnancy, and birth is anything but a joy for many women.  Their pregnancy and birth journeys are often darkened and overshadowed with all kinds of fears: some from within and others from outside entities. Unaddressed fear produces unhealthy stress, which compromises physical, mental, and emotional wellness.  Fear is a weapon that seeks to prevent and weaken our bodies from reproducing new life.  If fear can't stop conception, it ultimately attempts to attack and destroy the new life forming within us. 


The good news is that we don’t have to be a victim of fear during our pregnancy journey.  Fear is overcome by adopting a proper perspective on our circumstances, which we gained with knowledge and facts that are rooted in truth.  Being an anti-fear pregnancy coach and birth doula is about confronting the fears of reproduction with wisdom that allows one to enjoy the celebration of creating new life as the Lord intended. 


I hope to be a part of your story! 

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