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Holding Tummy

Prenatal Bonding

Prenatal bonding involves examining experiences and circumstances that impact our conception, womb experience, birth, and first year of life after birth.  Generally, this period of our lives shapes our thoughts, influences our emotions, and become  the filter by which we examine, perceive, and interact with the world and people around us. During prenatal bonding sessions, we identify adverse generational patterns and early experiences that lead to conception issues, prenatal tragedies, bonding with baby difficulties while in the womb and after birth, and postpartum depression.  By dealing with these tough issues, having couples address health concerns and helping parents to bond with their unborn babies, this increases conception rate, lowers premature births, decreases labor time,  and lowers postpartum depression,   These babies are typically calmer, more developed physically and mentally, easier to soothe, cry less, and sleep longer.  Parents frequently report that they understand their babies cues and that their babies
understand  them. Fee: $80 per hour.

*Sessions are conducted in person for Peoria, IL locals and video for out-of-town participants. 

Please contact me to schedule a no cost or obligation session to see if we would be a good match. 


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