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About Me

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My name is Lisa Pearl. I'm so glad you are visiting my website.  I am an Ordained Wedding Officiant, Author, Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Prenatal and Perinatal Birth Psychology Educator, Certified DONA Birth Doula, and Certified Body Ready Method Teacher, Certified Infant Massage Educator, EFT Trainee, Hypnobirthing Teacher Trainee, Birth Encourager & Cheerleader. Most importantly, I am a believer in Jesus Messiah, and the success of my work is based on uncompromising Biblical truths. I am the women who sees the glass half-full aspect of even the gloomiest situations.


When it comes to conception, pregnancy, and birth, I am in it to assist you and your family to win it by using my education to address fear and trauma that negativity impacts pregnancy and birth.  My hope, dream, and goal is for your family to be victorious in your reproductive journey. 


Being compassionate and encouraging, my passion is helping others reach their fullest potential in whatever capacity. Therefore, when I am not working, I'm serving at my church and in the community. 

I love God, people, dogs, singing and dancing.  I enjoy reading the Bible, writing, and cooking in my spare time.  One of my favorite past times is enjoying the goodness of life and laughing.  Rumor has it that people can easily identify my presence anywhere by hearing my unique and contagious laugh.

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