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Perinatal Mental Health Psychotherapy: Telehealth and phone psychotherapy sessions for Illinois residents only to address concerns pertaining to preconception, infertility, birth loss, high-risk pregnancies, perinatal mood disorders, and birth trauma. Therapy is the only service I offer through my employer. Accepts BCBS, FSA&HSA, and Private Pay

Biblical Perinatal Coaching: Bible-based coaching sessions to address fears connected with infertility, pregnancy, birth and miscarriage. Recommended preconception, prenatal, and postpartum. 

Prenatal Bonding Coaching: Sessions to help parents identify and address obstacles and relationship patterns that negatively impact conception, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. Recommended for preconception and pregnancy. 

Doula Birth Support and Coaching Package: Service provided to support moms, birth partners, and other birth attendees during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum period, consisting of three prenatal sessions, birth support during labor, and two postpartum sessions for expecting moms 32 weeks or later. 

Childbirth Preparation: Learn information about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. 

Birth Partner Support Training: Hands on training sessions to teach expecting mothers and birth partners information and techniques on how to provide emotional and physical support for moms throughout the birth process. 


Pregnancy and Birth Fitness Prep: Movement sessions that consist of tailored exercises to support pregnancy and labor from the Body Ready Method program.


Lactation Support: Guidance to support breastfeeding.


Fees are listed on the pages describing the individual services in detail. All services are virtual. In-person services may be considered for locals with extra fees to cover travel. In-person labor support may be considered for both local and out-of-town clients with extra fees to cover travel expenses. Payment plans are accepted. Contact me for a quote.   

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What to Expect at Appointments

Sessions for each service are 50 minutes. The initial visit for services will include gathering intake information and addressing any questions and concerns.  After essential business is completed, the remainder of your initial appointment will consist of discussing your personal goals.  Due to gathering necessary information for services, intake may take up to 2 sessions. Before your first session, please consider your goals for the service.  I encourage you to come with an open heart to achieve them.

Be blessed and highly favored!

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