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Words can’t express my gratefulness to Lisa and her sister Lynette for their obedience to God during such an important season in my life.  My entire family wants to say THANK YOU! They both were true angels sent by God to help me through my pregnancy. I experienced great spiritual warfare during this pregnancy but I felt their prayers and God loved on me through them.  For this I will forever be grateful!


Love B.R. and family

I thank Lisa for everything!  Her coaching was a huge part of me believing I would  have a successful pregnancy. She widened my perspective with information and questions that challenged my negative thought patterns.  I contribute the exuberant peace I experienced in the latter part of my pregnancy to those sessions.  


The services that I received from Lisa Pearl were a blend of Prenatal Bonding and No Fear Coaching. I was nervous prior to receiving these services as this was my first child, and I moved three and a half hours away from any family or friends prior to learning that I was pregnant. I was clueless outside of the basic information about pregnancy and I knew that I needed assistance that was not overbearing. I did not want to feel like my future as a mother was doomed because I did not have tons of information that I previously deemed necessary for childbirth and motherhood. I then was matched with Lisa and I immediately felt a sense of comfort. Her smile and sense of humor reminded me of the family that I missed back home. My worries eased almost immediately during our initial interaction. She was extremely knowledgeable and also firm in her advocacy for me. I was confident that she had my back throughout this process and she proved to me that she did. She was not invasive nor overbearing; she respected me and my choices for my birth plan; she also provided the tools and coaching that I needed to work with my baby girl through her birth. Lisa taught me that even in my pregnancy, I was parenting. She taught me how to connect with my baby while I was pregnant and that has translated amazingly during this postpartum period. I'm so grateful for Lisa's compassion and how she encouraged me to maintain my confidence in myself and my baby during my beautiful pregnancy journey. I truly appreciate her and the light that she brought into what could've been a dark experience for myself. Lisa seems to approach being a doula by leading with her sincerity and it has left such an amazing impact on me and my baby's life. I can not thank her enough.   

From M. B. 

Having done my share of bad things in the past, I lived a life of daily regret.  Upon suffering complications in my pregnancy, I struggled with guilt and felt this was the universe's way of punishing me.  Then, I met Lisa.  She taught me the importance of forgiveness and how it was freely available to anyone.  Lisa helped me gain a fresh perspective on my situation.  The stress melted away and with it most of my physical ailments.  My daughter and I thank Lisa for her loving support to us during this journey.


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